JDRF takes on vaping

Acting upon the buzz in the market and obvious demand, e-Liquid enters the vape revolution with guns blazing…or perhaps better said . With the Colonial Heights location functioning as home base,Vape Juice is steadily carving out it’s place in this growing segment by opening multiple outlets in the first six month.

At least for me, it seemed like the whole vape movement started rather slowly over the past few years and just recently, during the two past years, has exploded. With the ability to offer users a nicotine dose without the the tar and other harmful effects, this is being used by many smokers as a way to either satisfy their nicotine addiction and / or to step-down their use. With the juices or e-liquid being offered with varying nicotine dosages, vaping is certainly an effective way for one to gradually ween themselves, but operators have to be careful to not market the product as a cessation method as expected FDA regulations are sorted out.

I was quite surprised to learn that a large percentage of users are non-smokers. I’ve heard some numbers ranging between 25% and 35% of users ion some areas by the juices without any nicotine. To me, that’s huge. The idea that vaping is being enjoyed by those who do not use nicotine is a sign of the potential of this emerging market.

With so many new vape stores opening up across America, operators are being face some obvious challenges. Already vape enthusiasts are looking for unique offerings and specialty items. Liquid Smoke has quickly found its niche, as their vape juices are being touted as the best available. Having spent a couple of hours on two occasions sitting in the High Class Vape outlet, this writer can attest to the lines of new and satisfied returning customers to this establishment. The store employees were so busy they couldn’t take breaks for lunch.

As e-Liquid Senters the vape revolution, there are still mixed feelings coming from many of those on the sidelines as some of the fears of a previously unknown product surface to be discussed. Anything that provides and alternative to the harmful effects of smoking deserves all the consideration. It seems obvious to me vaping is here to stay and is quickly becoming a new lifestyle statement. I’m a non-smoker and tried a variety of the flavors at e-liquid . I have to admit, I liked flavors and enjoyed the sensation.